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VTreps E008

Angela Chicoine of The Tipsy Pickle The Tipsy Pickle combines pickles with spirits, beer and cider from around the state to create flavors of unparalleled depth. Angela Chicoine resigned as Vermont’s assistant medical examiner to start a pickle company. Now she has a new kitchen space and three good food awards. IG Web […]

Golden Hour E031

JJ “Dante” Vezina One-of-a-kind DJ, executive chef, producer, record label owner and O.G. homie JJ Vezina has achieved prestigious accolades from all directions. Whether he’s preparing meals for presidents, hitting the top 5 on iTunes Reggae charts or throwing epic parties in LA, JJ has continued to get recognition for his excellent work. JJ’s Music […]

Golden Hour E030

Jordan Johnson Jordan Johnson is a Burlington homie, skater, sneaker dealer and he started a paint and drywall business. Recently Jordan has partnered with Kyle Burroughs on The B-Side. Support Vermont Skating. The B-Side IG Jordan’s Sneaker Shop… Golden Hour is Travis Card and Shaun Machia Theme music by: Es-k: and […]

Golden Hour E029

Seth Neary Seth Neary is the founder of Driven Studio, a world-class agency producing ads for clients such as Cabot and Ben&Jerry’s. He won his first snowboard in a street skating contest, then became a three time half-pipe world champion snowboarder. He also worked with A-dog and Hannah at The B-Side. Driven Studio: IG: […]

Golden Hour E028

Pop Quiz Live with AP and Clint The homies join us for our first live show and a Pop Quiz Trivia Challenge. Golden Hour is Shaun Machia and Travis Card Intro Music by: Skysplitter – and Es-K –

Golden Hour E027

Charlie Mayne Charlie Mayne, rapper, funk, R&B artist from California was led to VT in 2012 by his long lost sisters. His recent release, Peppermint Tea, has been widely acclaimed. He’s now with JMJ records, selling his art and always making new music. Follow: IG: art page: Peppermint Tea:… Golden Hour […]

Golden Hour E026

Matt Robinson WRUV, L-Burners, RJ’s Cabana Night, the Jazz Fest Reggae tent and Mi-Yard at Nectars. Matt Robinson has been a big part of Burlington’s soundtrack since he first put his hands on C-low’s Tech’ 12’s. His influence on on what we listen to, DJ culture and the shows in VT will never be fully […]

Golden Hour E025

Matty L Matt Lawrence started skating around ’86 and DJing shortly thereafter. The Burlington punk, hip-hop and reggae scene was all under one roof then. Many life paths were steered by Matty’s creative inspiration that radiated from his connection to music, skating, and art. His skate company, Lock Skates, keeps him busy hand painting one-of-a-kind […]

Golden Hour E024

Rhettman Rhettman is a legendary DJ and cultural ambassador for Burlington VT. Back in the day he started Flex Records, with Iceman and they inspired a whole generation of DJ’s. During the heydays of Club Toast and the Vermont Reggae Fest, Flex Records was Burlington’s access point to the music. Golden Hour is Shaun Machia […]

VTreps E007 – Fattie B

Fattie B is a Vermont Hip-Hop legend. Earlier this month his collaborative project, GUMBO, won the Vermont Hip Hop Award for Best Album. On February 11, 2023 Gumbo will be live here at the Double E Performance Center in Essex, VT. Lyricist, DJ, Artist, Designer Kyle “Fattie B” Thompson tells stories about touring with Belizbeha […]