Golden Hour E033


Mike Plante has been a positive creative force in the community since the first time he said, “Yes”. His reputation as an eclectic DJ may precede him, but he is also a gifted athlete, a visual artist, a coach and a teacher. After traveling to Africa he got involved in social work counciling displaced kids. Transplante leads with his heart and is always the first to lend a helping hand. If you have lost your faith in people, have been tricked, cheated and lied to, hold on to that last thread of hope for humanity. Here is a genuine, 100% human being.


Bless the Child –…

iHomie –    • iHomie – Vermont Skateboarding, Full …  

Golden Hour is: Shaun Machia and Travis Card

Theme Music By: Es-k and Skysplitter

Es-K –

Skysplitter –