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VTreps E007 – Fattie B

Fattie B is a Vermont Hip-Hop legend. Earlier this month his collaborative project, GUMBO, won the Vermont Hip Hop Award for Best Album. On February 11, 2023 Gumbo will be live here at the Double E Performance Center in Essex, VT. Lyricist, DJ, Artist, Designer Kyle “Fattie B” Thompson tells stories about touring with Belizbeha […]

VTreps E006

Kevin Statesir and Peter Edelman Kevin Statesir is the Co-Founder of The Double E and Higher Ground performance venues. His business partner, Peter Edelman spearheaded the vision for the Essex Experience plaza 5 years ago. The Double E, located at the Essex Cinemas, is a multi venue performance center, bar and restaurant. It currently offers […]

VTreps E005

Bob Ayres Bob Ayres is a master woodworker who, after retiring as a contractor, has taken up the art of model ship building. Currently he has hand-crafted five exact replicas of the U.S.S. Constitution from scratch, requiring 800 hours of work each, and are valued at $50,000. For more information about Bob and his Models, […]

VTreps E004

Craig Mitchell Craig Mitchell is a Vocalist, DJ, Musician, Producer, and more. He has been synonymous with the Burlington club and dance music scene since the early 90’s. IG: Soundcloud: FB: Beatport:… ┬ęGolden Hour 2022 Shaun Machia and Travis Card Intro Music: Es-K –

VTreps E003

Anthill Collective at Above the Radar 5 Eskae and Capes have created a spray-can art movement in Vermont. After founding the Anthill Collective, they’ve been commissioned for countless legal pieces, murals and private installations. After the 5th rendition of their annual graffiti art festival, “Above the Radar,” they look back and reflect on the journey […]