Golden Hour E022

Hannah Deene-Wood

Since her high school days in Colchester, Hannah Deene-Wood has been the queen of Vermont Skateboarding. After managing the B-Side, the state’s keystone skate shop of the 90’s, Hannah and Dave opened Talent, Vermont’s first real indoor park. After having to close the doors during the economic downturn, the community rallied behind Hannah to help Talent reopen as a non-profit, testimony that she is Vermont skateboarding’s MVP.


COME TO THE DOC PREMIERE: Saturday, 1/21/23 Doors at 10, group photo at 1:30pm. Go Skate Talent: map

Intro Music by: Skysplitter – @skysplitter and Es-k – @beatsbyesk

Golden Hour is produced by Shaun Machia and hosted by Travis Card